01/21/2023, 7:41 PM
Hello, thank you for your work. It's fantastic. I have a small issue with my server node client. I have a client node on the machine which is running the netmaker server as well. And I do that from the docs “private address from the Netmaker Server” with the udpholepunch no and port outside the range. The problem is I can communicate with the node but it shows as Red Error in the dashboard. Also the dns entries don’t get filled in the /etc/hosts. I believe this is the issue with mqtt communication. But I am not sure how to remedy it. Other nodes work perfectly. (This is 0.17.1)


01/22/2023, 2:37 AM
is the node having issues receiving MQ communications? that's a little strange, have not run into it; but even if it shows Error, that only indicates that the ping is not going through from the client/server. Could be a local routing issue, and node could be working even with that


01/22/2023, 7:37 PM
I believe so. in the "netclient list", peers dictionary is empty. but wg show has all the peers listed.
node works fine like you mentioned. only the broker connection has issues. not sure if relevant, mqtt websocket is proxied through nginx.