01/06/2023, 1:14 PM
egress without nat with central relay
ok after rebooting the nodes and central server it seems something changed. now it seems the source ip is the central netmaker server(since its setup as relay. so i just need to figure out how to fix that
ok seems to found a workaround. I opened all ports from all ip adresses on the egress nodes so they can connect to each other directly whitout using central server as relay. doing that made the egress work without nat
nevermind only ping and traceroute is working
oh yeaaah was the google cloud firewall blocking the other protocols
problem solved
nevermind it was only half working because of udp hole punching
yeah only works correctly when egress have nat enabled for some reason
when egress has nat disabled. ping works both way but other protocols like http or sip seem to get lost in the netmaker network.
omg found the issue
the opnsense in between the client and netmaker egress was not routing correctly...