11/22/2022, 12:39 PM
I just installed netmaker in my k8s cluster using the helm-chart. Values are as follows: baseDomain: netmaker. replicas: 3 ingress: enabled: true className: traefik tls: issuerName: letsencrypt-prod RWXStorageClassName: standard dns: enabled: false postgresql-ha: postgresql: replicaCount: 2 persistence: enabled: true size: 10Gi storageClass: standard ui: replicas: 2 mq: replicas: 2 singlenode: false storageSize: 1Gi wireguard: enabled: true kernel: true it now created a NodePort Service probably for the wireguard ports. How do I know, which ports I have to forward in my firewall to which host. The cluster consists currently of 3 worker nodes with hardware wireguard installed. And how does the netmaker client/netclient later knows where to connect to? As netmaker probably doesn't know about the external/wan ip address.