10/21/2022, 1:23 PM
Address-Conflict when using multiple netclient-server-nodes when joining clients quickly
Hi, i have just setup a cluster of 2 netmaker-server-nodes and have joined 3 clients with ansible. Now all 3 clients have the same IP-Address assigned to them. Do the netmaker-servers not do address-conflict-resolving? And even if 1 of the clients connected to a different netmaker-server, i would expect max. 2 clients having this issue?
I have run the join-precedure again after removing them all. Now only 2 have the same IP (probably connected to 2 different netmakser-server-nodes)
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Okay, i just noticed, one of these clients was kinda kicked out. The netclient is not configured at all, but the server still shows the client as added.