10/06/2022, 3:11 PM
I am having a big issue on netmaker ext client creation. every time I created a client, I lost focus on it. coz, I have hundreds of them. I have to go through the entire list finding the client I just created. Why don't you sort them by asc or desc and focus on the last one that being created it? It's pretty easy to achieve this on front end. but solve the huge problems for your users. the only modifiable field is the Client ID which allow admin user to tracking their own customers. but finding and renaming them is pain of butt. hopefully you guys can fix this in next release. Thanks!


10/06/2022, 3:20 PM
this is reasonable, I've created a ticket for us to make these changes


10/10/2022, 8:08 AM
In addition a search in external clients? If you search for Alex in hundreds of clients: boom found right away.