08/18/2022, 2:59 AM
Redirect traffic to local computer using public ip addres
Hi, I beg your pardon for my English. I'm a newbie, so please don't be harsh. I have a VPS (Debian Bullseye) with one public ip address. As well as a local home server linux mint 21 behind NAT without a public ip address. Traccar will be installed on the home server. I wanted to access Traccar using netmaker. I need access through the public ip address of the VPS on port 8082. And also the truck should receive data from gps trackers. To do this, I will open ports: 5149, 5027 on the home server. In the settings of the gps tracker, I use the public ip and ports: 5149, 5027. Can I accomplish this task if I install netmaker on a VPS and install the Wireguard client on my home server? Can you please tell me how I need to configure netmaker for this task? Willing to provide additional information. Thanks.


08/18/2022, 3:43 AM
I cant help you with netmaker but I can say in the end I installed zerotier to make vitriol network between them then on the server used nginx to redrict data sent to it to zerotier address of home server. Probs better to use netmaket but I couldn't get it working. (To be clear not becuase it can't work just becuase idk how to use it properly)