03/07/2022, 9:38 PM
I have been unsuccessful upgrading one Linux client node to v0.11.1. I get error messages when trying to uninstall the client and when trying to perform a manual install.
# ./netclient -v
Netclient CLI version v0.11.1

# ./netclient uninstall
2022/03/07 15:22:49 [netclient] uninstalling netclient...
2022/03/07 15:22:49 Failed to authenticate: rpc error: code = Unauthenticated desc = Something went wrong with Auto Login: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = no result found
2022/03/07 15:22:49 [netclient] could not flush peer routes when leaving network, mg586ZJ4
2022/03/07 15:22:49 [netclient] removed mg586ZJ4 network locally
2022/03/07 15:22:51 [netclient] removed systemd remnants if any existed
2022/03/07 15:22:51 [netclient] uninstalled netclient

# ./netclient join -t eyJncnBj ... OiIifQ==
2022/03/07 15:23:12 [netclient] joining mg586ZJ4 at grpc.nm.AAA-BBB-CCC-DDD.nip.io:443
2022/03/07 15:23:12 rpc error: code = Unknown desc =Key:'Node.MacAddress' Error:Field validation for 'MacAddress' failed on the 'macaddress_