05/11/2022, 3:24 PM
here @bored-island-21407 I tried a more thorough test: I trashed the psql database, and containers:```$ docker exec -ti netmaker env|grep -i rest REST_BACKEND=on
```$ docker exec -ti netmaker ss -lntpuae|grep -i listen
tcp   LISTEN 0      4096*    ino:27588750 sk:6052 cgroup:unreachable:1 <->                                                            
tcp   LISTEN 0      4096               *:8081               *:*    users:(("netmaker",pid=1,fd=8)) ino:27586170 sk:6055 cgroup:unreachable:1 v6only:0 <->
the socket is properly open. Then, I create my network, my keys and make 2 nodes join. After they joined, I switch them to ingress gateways as they should be able to be reaching eachothers, and after are properly pinging: I trash my containers, to make sure that I'd be able to recover from a container loss. It's where my painpoint kicks in. I initially made this test to make netmaker-1 reload its config faster so that clients would be able to ping it as well. As of now, the traffic is ok and my wireguard device properly starts in the container. BUT:
docker exec -ti netmaker ss -lntpuae|grep -i listen
tcp   LISTEN 0      4096*    ino:27603256 sk:408a cgroup:unreachable:1 <->
netclient doesn't create the rest server, and I have absolutely no trace whatsoever of this issue in netclients/netmaker's logs.