08/25/2021, 3:40 PM
the new version doesn't seem to work or the server isn't updated on docker hub for some reason. Pulling netmaker (gravitl/netmaker:v0.7.3)... v0.7.3: Pulling from gravitl/netmaker 627b765e08d1: Already exists 0544410970ad: Pull complete c2e57a087e5a: Pull complete 8543ed795f4e: Pull complete b21c871695ea: Pull complete fc4f0c85c423: Pull complete Digest: sha256:d616ca441c9c11716b610d0547339cd9f57757440965d354f3cefeb9dbc46298 Status: Downloaded newer image for gravitl/netmaker:v0.7.3 However on the ui page it still mentions having server 0.7.2 and ui 0.7.3. The egress ranges aren't included on an external client either, even if I add a new ingress client