01/23/2022, 7:33 PM
I'd like to get some thoughts here on something we have in development: Telemetry This is slated for 0.10 which should (hopefully) be later this week. It is designed to be opt-out, and would send anonymous statistics on usage once daily. All you have to do is set TELEMETRY=off in the docker-compose and it will not send any data. We're going to make it very obvious in the release and the docs that the feature is there, and how to turn it off. The purpose is to provide us with anonymous data on usage that will drive development. The platform is pretty broad, and we don't have the resources to focus on every component equally. It would send integer data about the number and types of nodes, and the version of the server, that would be it. You can see how it's designed here: I'm guessing people will have some strong feelings about this so want to bring it up before we do the release and get some thoughts.