09/28/2021, 12:59 PM
@User For Kubernetes, you can deploy on Kubernetes for sure, but depending on your use case that may not be ideal. Here's the thing. Let's say you're using Netmaker to manage a multi-cloud Kubernetes cluster, and Netmaker manages all the underlying networking. First, it's a bit chicken and egg, because you have to have a cluster to deploy Netmaker, but you have to have Netmaker to set up the IP addresses that the cluster will use! So it becomes a little troublesome. Second, let's say something goes wrong with the Netmaker pods. They freeze up, and something changes so that the Netmaker private IP's are no longer resolvable. At this point, not only can your nodes not contact each other, but you have also lost access to your Netmaker pods, since those are running on the nodes! This makes it almost impossible to debug when something goes wrong, since you must have network access to the pods to fix them, but the pods control Network access.