03/28/2022, 2:24 PM
So after getting Netmaker up and running smoothly on a DO droplet I went back to try getting it working on my local server again (I'm cheap and like selfhosting 😆). So Netmaker here is running in a Ubuntu 21.10 VM on my Unraid server (which also runs ngnix reverse proxy in docker). SSL/dashboard etc seem to work fine, and I don't get any strange errors when joining with a netclient node. What doesn't work is that the node doesn't get any wg peers for neither comms interface or the default network. I have tried comparing the netclient config files between the node connecting to my local netmaker server and another node on the working netmaker instance on the DO droplet, but haven't really found much expcept the peers missing. I'm not a developer so I'm struggling looking through the netclient code on github to figure out how netclient gets the config from netmaker and sets up the wg interfaces/peers. Is there any way to get verbose logging from netclient/netmaker when joining with a node in hopes of seeing what's going on? 🙂