04/24/2022, 8:50 PM
Hi all, I'm trying netmaker for the first time. The use case I try to solve is making services available from my homelan from outside for clients like Android and MacOS. The services run on docker behind Traefik. Some services are already publicly available like a website (on my domain and behind Cloudflare), other services like adguardhome, paperless, home assistant, unifi controller, etc. are available only on local network (Traefik configured to only allow traffic from All services have valid Let's Encrypt certificates, the public ones on
, the private ones on
. My Adguard home instance has a rule to map
to 192.168.1.x so that it stays inside as cloudflare DNS has those addresses mapped to my public IP address. It all runs on a Synology NAS btw. If I want my
accessible via netmaker, how should I configure netmaker? I have netmaker running in docker behind traefik and in contained setup with coredns. I was thinking to have it not in client mode, and then run a separate docker instance in host network mode with netclient. So that it runs on the interface where Traefik is also serving (192.168.1.x). Or would it be better to have netmaker in client mode inside the docker network, as Traefik will listen inside that docker instance also, so should be able to handle incomming requests via the netclient inside the contained docker?